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Landscape Design Process

  • Set up appointment
    • Set time to meet your designer at home

  • Meet Landscape Designer
    • Discuss project goals
    • Discuss your style
    • Identify materials that you like
    • Have designer become familiar with your site
    • Discuss budget for project
    • Explore various ideas for your project

  • Decide on Landscape Design
    • Discuss design fees for drawing landscape plans
    • Make decision on continuing design process

  • Landscape Designer collects site information
    • Measurements of existing site features
    • Locate property lines- home owner to supply plat of property
    • Inventory of existing plant material
    • Slope of site/drainage patterns
    • Sun/ shade conditions
    • Surrounding site conditions
    • Identify any potential problems
    • Access to site

  • Develop plan for Landscape Design
    • Designers will combine your needs and wants with site conditions to develop a plan

  • Meet with Landscape Designer to review preliminary plans
    • Review plan with designer
    • Ask Designer any questions that you may have
    • Discuss materials and options for project
    • Discuss any changes that may be needed on the plans
    • Review estimate for project

  • Finalized plans and estimate
    • Designer makes any changes to the plan and creates a final design
      and estimate/contract for the project.

  • Sign contract
    • Sign contract
    • Pay deposit on project
    • Get projected schedule date and approximate completion time for project

  • Locate utilities
    • Promise Landscape will call your local utility companies to assure that
      all utilities are located and marked.
    • Homeowner is responsible for marking private lines, i.e.: underground
      dog fence, Irrigation, any underground utilities not owned by a utility company.

  • Crew arrival
    • Generally the crew will arrive at your home between 8:00- 10:00 in the morning
      (traffic and distance affect this) talk to your designer to get a more exact time if needed.
    • It is helpful to have cars moved out of the driveway when the crew arrives.
    • If you are home, the foreman will discuss any questions that may arise.
    • The designer will meet with the crew on site to review the project.

  • Project construction
    • Crew will arrive daily until the project is complete- unless discussed otherwise
      with client.
    • Designer will periodically check in with Crew and Client to assure that the
      project in running smoothly.

  • Clean- up
    • Crew will remove any project debris from site.
    • Crew will sweep site clean.

  • Walk- through
    • Designer will meet with client for final walk-through
    • Review final project
    • Discuss care and maintenance of project
    • Answer any questions
    • Collect final project payment

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